Jelell (sampler stream)

by Leni Stern



released November 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Leni Stern New York, New York

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Track Name: Jelell (Take It)
Jellel, jellel, jellel! Bula neche jelell!
Fabbal, fabbal, fabbal! Bula neche fabbal!

Everybody's born and everybody goes,
This is our only chance for all we know.
So, you might as well take it if you want it!

Everybody is a universe, everybody's got a song.
Everybody's got a story to tell,
Everybody's weak everybody is strong.
We can be each other's heaven or hell.
Jelell, jelell, jelell, bula neche jelell.
Track Name: Gnate Yone (How Many Times)
yaye sosse, yaye sosse sosse sindey sosse simbai

the sun is shining merciless on the circle in the sand
the crowd is buzzing, music plays, the fighter’s rubbing dust on arms and hands
it doesn’t matter what they’re saying about you jealousy and gossip will never ever stop,
but it’s not about how many times you’re defeated its about how many times you get back up.

the bets are closed now, time is up, the smell of money is in the air
the referee is pacing back and forth, he’s making sure that everything is fair
it doesn’t matter if the odds are against him its a very long way from the bottom to the top and its not about ....

winning or loosing, pleasure or pain, when all is said and done its often the same
let them talk about their victories, let them brag, let them boast it’s the strength of your spirit that matters the most